If you’re wondering which of the many colors will pair with different shades of blue, then you’re up for a big surprise. The different shades of blue will pair up with just about any color.

So, if you want to learn about the 10 top colors that go with blue beautifully, then you need to read on until the end. We’ve compiled a list of the combination of blues for every room of your house.

Top 10 Great Blue Combinations

When it comes to the most popular color for the interior of the house, a lot of people consider the different shades of blue.

Did you know that blue color is considered to have a universal appeal?

Yes, there is no doubt that it works well with almost every design style and layout.

The color blue virtually pairs well with every other color. This also includes yellow, bright red, orange, and natural tones such as grey and beige.

Water Blue And Beige

We all know that the color blue evoke the calm feeling. This is why a lot of people like spending much time at the beach or the sea. So, if you want to make your look as calm and soothing as a beach, you need to try the combination of water blue with sandy beige.

Denim Blue And Orange

Do you know that the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the house? This is why you need to warrant a color combination that works the best for all the family members. Try to paint the larger part of the kitchen in denim blue and highlight with orange. The stools, rugs, accessories, and towels in the kitchen can be of orange too.

Cerulean And Apple Green

The blue color signifies cool and the green color signifies fresh. So, what do you think both these colors will bring in to the house? Well, this combination is considered to be quite refreshing. Just make sure that you do not get carried away with the blue paint. You’ll have to balance the blues and the greens in the room.

Turquoise And Orchid

Did you know purple also tends to blend in very well? It doesn’t matter whether both of the shades look utterly similar, the combination of both turquoise and orchid will result in a smoothing result. Whereas, if you prefer pale blue, then in contrast, you’ll have to get saturated shades of purple.

Faded Blue And Coral

Every colors does not need to male dominant. If you are a girl and want to paint your room with a hint of femininity, then you have the choice to go for faded blue and different shades of pink. Keep in mind that the shades of pink need to be light not very bright.

Blue And Wood Tone

Does your room has a warm finished wooden floors? If yes, then for sure you can opt for blue walls. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple. The blue color will stand out sharply against the warm wooden finish. You just need to opt for darker and true shades of blue.

Dark Blue And Wine Red

If your room is quite large and you think that it feels empty, then you can go for dark blue and wine red colors for the walls. With this combination, you can expect the room to look extravagant. What more? With blue and red walls, you can complement it with golden furniture.

Soft Blue And Neutral

Neutral rooms such as dining rooms, study rooms, and quite rooms should be somewhat relaxing, right? These rooms should always look calm yet inviting. So, in order maintain the ambiance of the room, you need to opt for soft shade of blue.

Blue And White

Well, when it comes to the most popular color combination, how can we forget the classic white and blue? There is no doubt that blue and white color will create a neat and clean feeling. This combination works well for bathrooms.

Dark Blue And Hot Pink

Dark blue is considered to everyone’s favorite for a reason. Well, this is true for boys and girls. While we know the opposite attracts each other, try neon or hot pink with darker shades of blue. This combination is not only intense, but is also eye catching.

Bottom Line

If you are true fan of blue, then you’ll know that very color will turn out to be a perfect match with different shades of blue.

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