How to make your interior unique? How to reflect your personality in it? We ask a professional designer to share with us the secrets of decorating space.

Prepare the base

Before choosing a decor, you need to prepare the interior. Start by decluttering. To do this, you can use the popular method of Mari Kondo, the world renowned home tidying specialist. One of the main tenets of her philosophy: Get rid of those things that do not make you happy. 

By the way, this advice applies to the choice of decor. If an item designed to decorate a house does not please you, then why is it needed in your interior?

“You can create the necessary atmosphere for a specific person by getting to know him better, feeling what is important for him, what makes him happy and inspiring, what shades are close, what shapes and textures are impressive”

After only the necessary and pleasant things remain in the interior, proceed with the choice of decor. It can be aimed at several goals, which are conventionally divided into functional and aesthetic. Decor not only brightens up your home, it also helps organize space, add accents, and even make you healthier.

For example, the trend of eco-decor, popular in the last few seasons, helps to relax and make the atmosphere in the house more cheerful. Place plants near your work area to help you concentrate. In general, many decorators are of the opinion that the more green decor in the interior, the better. But if you are not ready to take care of house plants, then we advise you to hang pictures or put textiles with floral prints.

Add personality

To choose the right decor, you need to listen to yourself, understand what kind of mood you want to create. It is not necessary to plan the interior decor right away.

“To achieve sophistication and individuality in the interior, you can use certain decoration techniques, without even resorting to developing a full-fledged project”

Think about what you need at the moment. What doesn’t suit you in your interior? For example, if the walls seem empty to you, then use wall decor. The exact choice depends on your hobbies. For those who are well versed in art, we advise you to look for reproductions of famous paintings or go through the galleries of young artists – you may come across a masterpiece of a future celebrity.

If you want to create an inspirational atmosphere, then try hanging posters with motivational messages or your favorite quotes. This will make the interior more individual. Handmade decor will also help to give the atmosphere a unique character. DIY (Do It Yourself or “do it yourself”) is a popular trend with which you can display your hobby in the interior.

Allow yourself to make rash decisions

When advising on how to choose a decor, it is often recommended to plan your purchases in advance. But spontaneous decisions can also be successful: sometimes a random thing that you come across in the vintage market becomes an interesting interior detail.

“I really like to bring decor items from various trips. Sometimes I buy something just because I really like it, not yet knowing where I can apply it. And then the project that this little thing was waiting for appears.”

Remember the details

Decor isn’t just about vases, textiles or paintings. Fittings will help make the interior more interesting: door and cabinet handles can add color. By the way, this is a simple and original way to renovate old furniture.

Another design trick is bowls and trays in the interior. They can serve several functions. First, they can be used to organize a thematic composition. Just place flowers, favorite figurines or plants on them. Secondly, trays and bowls can help you organize the storage of everyday little things, like jewelry that you wear all the time. Finally, they can be used as an independent decorative element.

Don’t be afraid of change

Don’t forget about seasonal decor. Your home can change with the weather outside: in autumn, for example, you can decorate the interior with a composition of yellowed leaves. And if the cold season is not to your liking, then use contrasts: put vases with flowers or decor in juicy shades that will remind you of summer. This technique will help create the right atmosphere.

“The easiest recipe for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere is fresh flowers and lighted candles, let there be more of them in your homes!”

The decor can change from case to case. The most popular option is candles. Do you want to arrange a date at home? They will help create a romantic mood. Do not neglect the festive decor: garlands, balls, themed figures will create a feeling of constant renewal.

It is not only the visible decor that plays an important role, but also the fragrances. They can help you create a cozy atmosphere or prepare your home for a special event. Planning a Hawaiian party? Fragrances with marine notes will decorate the interior in their own way.

This technique will help you to cheer up in the early morning or relax after a hard day. In the first case, use the scents of citrus, jasmine or rosemary, and for a relaxing atmosphere, choose lavender, vanilla, or lemon balm.

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