Temperatures are plummeting and we are about to enter the year 2022 in a few days. It is perfect to have a look at the home renovation trends for the coming year.

 If a home renovation is one of your planned new year resolutions, it is essential to look at the ins and outs of interior designs. Keeping a track of the home improvement industry has never been easier.

 Let us dive into the details! 

Home Renovation Trends – What’s In

1. Warm Neutrals

The upcoming year will witness a bloom of neutrals. They are a classic and have been in use for decades but there is a slight shift in home renovation trends this year. Warmer tones of neutrals such as shades of beige are making their way in the home improvement industry.

2. Grandmillenial Style

Homeowners are choosing a grand millennial style for various good reasons. It blends the old and new quite well. The style is said to have its “moment” right now.

 The traditional design with a twist of the contemporary edge is among the top favorites. The classic design elements are back with a new feeling to them.

3. Velvets

The velvet fabric has been considered royal since earlier times but it was pushed into background far last few years. It is back with a bang and is going to be the steamy hot trend of 2022. 

4. Balanced Geometric Patterns

For years geometric patterns have been in on the rise. The patterns are equally appealing at the floors, walls, bed sheets, furniture, cups, notebooks, and couches. The perfectly fit almost any surface. The key change is to not overdo it. The year 2022 is all about keeping an appealing balance in geometric patterns.

5. Biophilic Design

It’s a new trend taking over the home improvement industry like nothing else. It incorporates natural elements with human design in a way that doesn’t look manufactured. Our preferences as a society are slightly shifted towards sustainability.

The design is about incorporating organic elements such as wood, stones, and plants with a style. Hire a home renovation company providing biophilic designs.  

6. Add Real Plants

What is more natural than real plants? They not only bring a fresh look to your home interior but also promote a clean and environmentally-friendly home. And yes, don’t pick the faux plant pots as they are a major no-no item for 2022.

7. Dark Painted Doors

Safe choices for door colors are no more welcomed. Interior designers are observing an inclination towards darker colors. Black is the new neutral as it is a statement-making front door. The perfect finish for this paint color is satin or eggshell.

8. More Open Spaces

Homes with open spaces are favorites of the coming year. Gone are the days when stylish rooms were crammed with furniture and decorative items. An open space lets the light in and makes a home more welcoming. 

9. Floral Wallpapers

Floral designs are trendy and are going to make a way on the walls in 2020. Flowers have been around home design for decades but this year they are in with significant changes. The modern floral wallpapers are an abstract chic rendition with vibrant colors.

10. Earth Tones

The tech world is overwhelming and is pushing us towards nature once again. The use of colors of wood, plants, and stones is getting popular. They are being regularly used in making furniture and other home accessories. These colors are perfect for meditation and unwinding after a long tiring day.

11. Bold Black And White

This year is all about bold statements that speak of life. Homes should appear less manufactured with more distinct characters. Combinations of bold black and white look phenomenal. 

12. Rattan And Wicker Furniture

The furniture made up of rattan is again in style. The natural browns give off a nostalgic aura. Numerous outdoor items of rattan with a weave style of wicker are making their way in landscapes of modern homes.

13. Upholstered Walls

The homeowners who want to make a statement with interior design should leave behind the tall headboard. A more trendy option is to get upholstered walls. They can be designed for half or full walls depending on the room design.

14. Multifunctional Spaces

Assigning separate spaces for activities like eating, sleeping and hanging out is out for the year 2022. People tend to design open multifunctional spaces where they can cook, eat relax and hang out with family members. Workspaces are becoming less formal.

15. Terrazzo Flooring 

Leftover marble stones have used to make terrazzo floors on the airports. The floor design is now gaining popularity in households.  

16. Furniture With Round Edges

Interior design with round-edge furniture is the top favorite now. The circles are curves for furniture are in whereas arches for walls are out.

17. Bold Monochromes

Pick a bold color of your choice and make your room a monochrome for that color.

Home Renovation Trends – What’s Out

1. Graphic Tiling

Colorful graphic tile work has been a hot trend for the year 2019 but it is losing its grip. Such strong prints and patterns don’t last for a long time.

2. Pale Monochromes

Pale monochromes have been used as a safe choice for years. Grey color has been hot but interior designers are sure that it’s not coming back soon. Bold choices are to be seen in the coming year.

3. Complete Carpeted Homes

Carpets have been in the home improvement industry for a long time. They are still cherished for their comforts but a full carpeted home is out of fashion for sure. Wooden floors are more trendy.

4. All Whites

Just as it has been mentioned, gone are the days of safe choices. Pop colors are now in the trend.

5. Industrial Designs

The world is cold enough for us. The harsh realities surrounding us tire us and we don’t need more industrial designs at our living places. People are looking forward to making homes more comfortable and nurturing.

6. Traditional Dining Tables

Furniture items of a traditional home may be quite useless in modern designs. The kitchen dining tables are no longer in fashion. Homeowners are bringing in upholstered comfortable chairs around the kitchen tables.

7. Open Shelving

As the year 2022 started, open shelving was a huge thing. If you are thinking of home renovation now, skip the idea of open shelving. It’s not that the shelves are outdated but homeowners are leaving it behind. There are good reasons for it. A closed cabinet does not need hours and hours of organizing.

8. Accent Walls

2022 is going to be the year of celebrating bold colors but accent walls are out of fashion. If you like color, think about the results and then paint it on all four walls.

9. Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture has been a big thing in the past. If you are a fan of translucent finish adds more side tables, lamps, and light fixtures.


 In general, home renovation trends seem to be more inclined towards simplicity and sustainability. Gone are the days when you’d see a lot of perfection and structured sharp edges in a house. The design has to have a nurturing yet classic look to it.

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