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11 Master Bedroom Paint Colors With Dark Furniture That Would Blow Your Mind

master bedroom wall paint color ideas

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11 Master Bedroom Paint Colors With Dark Furniture That Would Blow Your Mind

Waking up in the morning and to leave the bed is a challenging task and it isn’t always exciting, but things can be made interesting to boost your mood and to motivate your eyes to take a look around. A subtle blend of colors and light can affect your mood for good and bad therefore, the bedroom colors have to be selected wisely.

Most people think that room paint has to be durable but what they forget to take into account is that having appealing colors can control your mood swings for good. So, it is highly recommended to choose your interior paint colors wisely before you end up in a frustrating loop of bad mood.

The term room paint doesn’t always mean that one should always use paints to do it. The technology has evolved too much and facilitates you to choose from variety of options to do it. But before you begin it is better to analyze your environment as well. If you live in a too much humid way then general paints might now cut out for coloring your bedroom, you might want to evaluate wallpapers and paneling options as well.

A Quick Guide to the Top Walls Paint Ideas for Master Bedroom

It is really important to understand your wall before you put some color on it. If you are facing fungus issue or humidity stains on your wall, then you might want to step back for a moment and revaluate your decision. Wall paneling or wallpaper or tiles could be an alternative to take care of this issue for you. once decided then move forward to explore relevant options.

If you select basic paint option then you have a wide variety of colors to choose from, select the one which you would love to look at, or maybe a color that connects to a childhood memory or anything that makes you happier.

Wall paneling and wallpaper option also provide a wide range of options. They have textures, flowers, abstracts or maybe just a funky design.

Here are few ideas to help you out for coloring your master bedroom.

1- Bright white:

It is the most common color to be selected and extremely popular around the globe. It gives a very soothing and wide look. Even if painted in places which have light issues you will see that place’s boundaries are widen up with white color.

 2- Light gray:

If you paint your bedroom with this color it gives quite an icy look to the room and if bright warm colors are used, then light gray will make them extremely prominent.

3- Khaki:

Since it is very close to the nature itself, it could be perfect color to enjoy extra soothing effect. If wooden furniture is added that would be splendid.

4- Blush pink:

Is a fantastic feminine and a chic color, it can also be used in stripes with a litter darker shade of pink to give a super yummy look. 

5- Peach:

The peach blush walls would create a highly soothing effect when mixed with black and white wall art, and if the flooring is selected in stripes with peach mixed color then it could really turn your room a 24-hour vacation room.

6- Lemon yellow:

This color could be the best morning color if used wisely, excessive use of yellow strokes could be a night mare but if painted in stripes with white color and matched interior could create a breathtaking effect once you enter your room.

7- Violet:

If you want to have a color from overwhelming your bedroom, then this color can act as a shield. You feel like entering a sanctuary when you step in your room, if you add cream color interior then it is going to provide a perfect lap to sleep in.

8- Mint:

This classic color is very close to pistachio and gives you a nice summer look, and if your environment is quite cold then this color could be perfect when mixed with couple of warm light lamps and dark wooden furniture.

9- Beige:

No, it doesn’t sound boring. In fact, it’s a very friendly color when embed with the right interior. If you have sensitive eyes, then you might feel tired when you look at heavily painted wall or when you look at dark color but this color is very welcoming, you feel like the room is giving you a hug as you step in.

10- Marigold:

The prominence of this color can be created with navy blue interior. It provides a glamorous and a royal look. Yellow table lamps can create quite a romantic effect in evening. When you sleep with a happy mood you wake up in morning with the same look on your face.

11- Bright red:

This color is mostly suited to girls, if decorated adequately creates a jaw dropping effect. If one side of wall is painted in stripes with gloss, and white roof with very light flowering can turn your room into fa fairyland.

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