We all know that painting the interior and exterior of the house is a good choice when it comes to selling the house. It will not only enhance the look and feel of the house but also increase the resale value. However, the selection of exterior and interior paint colors for old houses is no doubt a very daunting and tedious subject.

Color scheme that you are opting for might be an eye sore for your neighbors. So, choosing the color scheme holds a great significance when it comes to painting a rather old house. Either you will end up painting the house too bland or clownishly over the top, or it’ll become an envy for the neighborhood you live in.

Paint Colors For Old House

Many people will advise you on choosing beige because it looks natural. But this doesn’t mean that it is the only option left. Below we have compiled a list of different colors that you can choose for making your historic house look lively once again.

Keep in mind that there are so many colors on the scale, you just have to decide what to feel when you pull up at the end of a tiring day. A color that makes you feel relaxed.

#1: Waterfront Blues:

The combination of White and Blue has never failed to offer a lively yet a traditional look. So, if you are looking for a soft and comforting color for your house, you should consider this combination. This color is the most suitable for exterior sides only.

#2: Embrace Brown

Are you one of the many people who avoid the color brown when it comes to painting a house? Are you too afraid of the darker shades of brown? Well, you don’t have to be, you can always brighten up the trim dials up the contrast with the brown paint.

#3: Desert Oasis

If you have been longing the artistic elements of painting and also want draw the attention of people who want to buy a house, you need to opt for the desert oasis. It includes dazzling blue, white, lush green, and olive-green succulents.

#4: The Farmhouse Charm

Have you always dreamt of living in a farmhouse? Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, you can always paint your house to look like a pretend farmhouse. You’ll have to choose, soft, warm, and rich white exterior paint color.

#5: The Red Punch

To be honest, a vibrant red color on the exterior side of the house will for sure ramp up the vitality. With a hint of bold brick red color against the drizzly Seattle skies. You’ll be getting a house that has been a dream for a lot of people.

#6: Brick Beautified

Have you tried to brighten the look of your house by brick—red color? The beige paint along with a hint of turquoise paint will play in well.

#7: Craftsman Green

If you live in a place that has a gorgeous craftsman style home set and has woods all around, you should always choose a color that works with it, not against it. The color green is sustainable for houses that are located in the woods.

#8: A Timeless Contrast

There is no doubt that the timeless contrast can go wrong. Even if you have an old house that has traditional style, there still will be a lot of trims and other details that you can try to contrast.

#9: Tudor Bold

Did you know the Tudor styled houses’ exterior paint jobs are characterized by dark trim while the rest of the wall is light in color? You need to remember that the brown and black color is a for sure shout out to the history of Tudor.

#10: Cottage Blue

Do you think that you can easily balance blues, whites, and red on the exterior side of the house? If yes, then you wouldn’t have any problem going full-on patriotic, right?

Don’t go in deeper shades of blue for the majority of the body of the house. Try to maintain a balance of the three colors.

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