Looking for beautiful living room color combinations for every taste?

Have you ever given it a thought why some living rooms look inviting whereas some others just fall flat? Well, if you are thinking the problem is with the design, most of the time it is not.

Choosing the modern color schemes for the living room is the best design secret that we are going to share with you in this article. Even if the design is awesome, when the color scheme is not harmonious, your living space would never look comfortable to the eyes.

Gorgeous Living Room Color Schemes

Colors are always important in your life as they play a key role in lifting your mood. A good color scheme not only helps you reflect your personality traits but also takes your living space to the next level. If you are looking for the beautiful living room color combinations, give this article a detailed read and know how you can transform your living room from being okay to fabulous.

1- Choose Dramatic dark Shades

Though it is a bit risky to use dark colors, however, if chosen wisely, this color scheme can help you create that desired dramatic effect in your living room that you always wanted. Dark shades remained the best choice of homeowners and interior designers the previous years and the trend is not going away any time soon. You just have to be careful that you are choosing the perfect shadowy tones that go well with your furniture.

2- Design a Palette of Cool Neutrals

Well, just think about the purpose of designing a living room. It is a space where you would love to sit with your loved ones for some time and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Then, why not use some cool neutral colors as these colors perfectly set your mood for a lovely chat.

We would recommend you using a combination of brown, grey, and cream as the combination usually sits well with your brown sectional sofa and gray patterned pillows.

3- Try to Get Close to Nature

If you are a nature lover, then why not consider bringing your earth close to the sky. Yes, we are talking about your living room in the beautiful shades of sky blue and bring it closer to nature. If you want to make a beautiful color scheme using turquoise, it is suggested to use a bold palette of brown and white.

This combination creates a perfect sense of harmony brimming with a unique character and style. When you use brown, it gives warmth to your living space and when you compliment this wall color with turquoise accessories, it takes your living room to a whole new level.

4- Go Green to Give it a New Life

If you are tired of the monotonous look of your living room and want to add more character to it, we would suggest you choose green. Green is the color of nature and it plays a key role in revitalizing your energy by giving your flattened room a new life. If we talk about the green palette, you have lots of choices as the green comes in a wide color spectrum.

To design your perfect color scheme with green, you can also use blue and yellow accessories in the room.

5- Yellow is Perfect for Summers

If it is the time of summer when you are considering repainting your living room, yellow is the right option for you. Giving instant feel-good vibes to your room, it is a perfect background color for all types of furniture. When mixed with neutral colors like grey and complemented with bright yellow accessories like pillows and curtains, this beautiful color scheme creates a never-ending appeal for the onlookers.

6- Design a Monochromatic Living Room

When we say monochromatic, it means to have a single color painted on all the walls, and also use the room accessories and furniture coverings of the same color. Blue is a perfect choice if you want to create a monochromatic look in your living room.

7- Use a Combination of Orange, Blue & Grey

If you will go for this beautiful palette of orange, blue, and grey, you will give your living room a fresh contemporary look. All of these colors are bold, thus they add vibrant energy in your space and indeed this beautiful color palette is also the perfect backdrop if you have neutral and grey furniture.

8- Paint Shelves & Walls In The Same Color

You paint your room to bring harmony among the different elements of the room like furniture and shelves. It would be better to use just one color both on the walls and shelves of the room and bring them in harmony with each other.

9- Paint Purple Or Pink For Traditional Look

If you have a big traditional living room, and you still want to keep it unique from the contemporary color schemes, pink or purple is the color for you. However, you have to use them quite carefully because this color palette gives a bold look to your room and it must not go overboard as it will destroy the whole impact.

10- Design A Modern Rustic Living Room

Well, most of the people would love to have this look as it is contemporary and appealing both. To create this look, you can use a black forest green color scheme in your living room and then compliment it with cream-colored accessories.

Final Say!

So, this was our list of modern color schemes for your living room. Give any of these a try and you will thank us later.

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