Choosing the best outdoor paint color is most hectic job now a days. The choice of exterior paint color is pivotal to the curb appeal of your house. When it comes to first impressions, color is even more important than your front gate and the landscape.

Luckily, it is one of the most affordable changes you can make.

What is the best color to paint the outside of a house

Whether you are planning to sell your house shorty or just tired of the old and boring walls, we can help you explore the best exterior wall painting ideas. The right color can help you highlight the architectural features of your house and make your property aesthetically appealing. Bring vibrancy to your house walls by using any of the following exterior paint colors.

1. Chocolatey Brown And Warm Neutrals

Since the start of this year chocolatey brown color has found its way into the exterior colors trends. Pair it up with warm neutrals and play with the red undertones of brown shade to get a perfect blend for your house. It looks amazing when paired with sandy shades of beige and whites.

This dark earthly color may be a rather unusual choice for people who are afraid to paint it bold but it is one of the most sophisticated choices for the coming years. Be it a stone veneer, bungalow, or ranch house, these earthly tones can make it stand out from the neighborhood.

2. Dark Gray With Whites

Grays are not gloomy anymore! The neutral shades of gray have been a popular choice for decades but going with bold and dark gray is a new trend. With an interesting twist to the classic combination, this scheme makes your house look elegant.

This deep and rich color exudes the perfect combination of elegance and sophistication when paired with whites. Accent doors and lots of fresh green plants make up the picture-perfect house exterior. Impress your neighborhood with this exterior paint color.

3. Brick Red And Pale Gray

Rather unusual, pretty bold, yet a timeless choice! Brick red and pale gray go well together for almost every house design. The pale grays leave room for rather bold décor items that can accentuate the architectural features of your property.

Any painting professional will tell you pairing up tones of brick red and pale gray has been one of the most popular choices this year. Red shutters, red porch doors, and white trims are the combination that makes look almost any home awe-inspiring.

4. Charcoal Black

The dazzling darkness of charcoal black is no longer a color of mystical stories. Homeowners have been opting for this bold choice to bring out the intimidating and sophisticated look of their house.

While it may not be the right color for everyone out there but the choice is rewarding when you are aiming for incredibly unique and powerful exteriors. A subtle gothic vibe without being uninviting is the perfect description of this exterior wall color.

5. Mint Green

Are you looking for an earthier and natural-looking home? The list of trending exterior paint colors will not fall short of your expectations. Greens look great together in two tones as well as a single hue. They tend to play off nicely on a house nestled in plants.

Incorporate light and dark green colors for subtler combinations. These combinations are perfect for Victorian-style homes and look equally soothing in modern and sleek designs.

6. Neutral Navy

Neutral navy speaks to the eclectic in most and that’s the reason it is one of the most popular paint colors. With more punch and character than hazy gray, neutral navy can make almost any home look interesting and charismatic.

Houses painted in neutral navies exude a royal and appealing appeal for the onlookers. For unique house styles, pick nuances that play with the surroundings. Professional painting techniques and the right use of highlights can bring the best out of your investment.


Although DIY painting is possible, you should look for the best exterior painter in your area for flawless results. There are a lot of factors that can affect the final look so better leave it to experienced and well-reputed professionals.

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